Some of Europe’s most spectacular wildlife in the natural setting of the Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany. Brown bears, wolves and lynx were the focus of a 4-day wildlife adventure with Chris Weston as well as the opportunity to capture images of bison, rare wild horses, deer, otters and numerous species of birds of prey. Once-in-a-lifetime images of some of Europe’s most endangered and enigmatic species. The spacious wildlife ranges and large aviaries found in the wildlife enclosure of the Bavarian Forest National Park provided over 30-species of mountain-forest animals to photograph, within a stunning, natural environment. The population includes grey wolves and brown bears, as well as animals re-introduced to their native habitats, such as Eurasian lynx and black stork. I also had an opportunity to photograph the endangered European bison, deer, wild boars, and river otters. The selection of birds included eagle owls, Ural owls and grouse. Over the course of three days in the field, we enjoyed numerous opportunities to capture spectacular images of Europe’s top predators and endangered wildlife in natural forest settings.

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